Moving Companies Should Provide Virtual Pre-Move Surveys for These Six Reasons

It’s time for relocation specialists to take advantage of virtual moving surveys, which are growing in popularity every day.

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Virtual surveys were being used by numerous businesses even before the epidemic to reduce expensive travel expenses, expedite work, and expand their clientele. The adoption of virtual surveys increased as lockdowns began.

You could be wondering if using virtual moving surveys more frequently is worthwhile and how they operate. This article describes the many ways in which virtual surveys function, the reasons behind the differences throughout virtual surveys, and the main advantages this technology offers moving firms.

Virtual moving surveys: What Are They?

With the use of virtual moving surveys, your moving business may do pre-move surveys from a distance without physically visiting the customer before move-day. Two types of virtual surveys can be distinguished:

Video Questionnaires

With live virtual surveys, the consumer completes an online, in-person survey with a moving sales professional via video conference or other technologies. Video moving survey software, FaceTime, and Zoom are a few basic examples of these tools.

AI is used by more advanced technologies, such as mtc removals, to recognize objects, determine the amount of packing needed, and provide a visual inventory list for you prior to the move.

A Virtual Self-Guided Survey

Customers may do self-guided virtual surveys on their own by using a mobile device to record videos of their house and possessions. Basic virtual self-guided surveys are conducted using a mobile survey app, which often necessitates manual inventory item entry by the agent or salesperson.

On the other hand, AI-powered solutions—like mtc removals—will identify objects automatically and provide clients with an inventory list.

What advantages can online pre-move surveys offer?

Are you curious as to why so many businesses are using virtual move surveys? Virtual surveys are giving moving organizations a significant competitive advantage over their rivals in the following ways:

1. Quicker Quote Turnarounds and Inspections

Conventional in-home surveys need one to three hours to do, the most of which is spent traveling to the customer’s house. Easy video questionnaires reduce travel hours and may be finished in 30 to 60 minutes.

AI-powered video surveys, which take 15 to 20 minutes to complete, are even more amazing. Salespeople may quote three to five times as many consumers and provide quotations within an hour of the initial contact because to these time savings.

2. Reduced Expenses for Overhead

The people on your sales team are important, but labor and time may be costly. Virtual surveys enable surveyors to do surveys from any location, saving businesses money by reducing the need to hire additional sales representatives. Reducing drive times also results in lower fuel and administrative expenses for transportation.

3. Anywhere may be used for sales surveys

In order to cut down on trip times, movers must bundle conventional in-person surveys according to geography. This reduces the total number of clients you are able to serve.

Surveyors may simultaneously contact more clients by using virtual surveys. As a result, you may rank actions according to their total worth, source of referrals, timeliness, or any other aspect that will provide you an advantage.

4. Convenience to the Client

In-person surveys sometimes need that prospective clients stop what they’re doing and meet with sales staff during regular business hours. Self-service virtual move surveys can help with this issue, but not all virtual survey tools can.

Customers may self-complete surveys at their convenience with AI-powered virtual survey software. Customers only need to record a video of their house using these sophisticated technologies, and the AI will identify and catalog objects, generate cube sheets, and provide estimates.

Some service providers, such as mtc removals, just demand consumers to open the well-known Chrome program, making it simple and quick to get started.

5. Enhanced Documentation

Precise documentation is essential to prevent under-estimation inconsistencies in quotes and to deter claims. Documentation using time-stamped video recordings is supported by virtual surveys. In the case of a damage claim, this visual record helps confirm an item’s pre-transportation state.

The platform from mtc removals goes beyond documentation by using the video to create visual inventory. AI-powered surveys can cut errors in half and improve cube sheet accuracy. This translates to fewer estimation errors or other expensive blunders.

6. Greater Rates of Closing

The key benefit of virtual surveys is that they increase closing ratios, which is the sum of all their advantages. The possibility that your moving business will be the customer’s first option rises when movers are able to provide a price before competitors due to the speed at which virtual surveys work.

Discover Which Kind of Virtual Survey Is Best for Your Business

Pre-move surveys can be expensive and time-consuming, but they are an essential component of the relocation process. For both movers and consumers, virtual surveys have several benefits. They offer clear documentation and are quicker and more convenient. The best part is that their closure rate is greater than that of in-person inspections.

Not all moving survey software solutions are made equal, even if the majority of virtual moving surveys have advantages over in-home surveys. See how Smart Consult works by watching the video below, or get in touch with us to find out which virtual survey is perfect for your business.