Get the Best-Performing Windows You’ve Ever Had with These 5 Window Maintenance Tips

Windows require the same level of upkeep and care as the more intricate parts of your home, despite their seemingly straightforward appearance. If neglected, the labor-intensive tasks they perform, such as controlling the temperature and preventing moisture from seeping inside, can result in significant damage. Fortunately, routine window care will keep this area of your house in excellent condition and just take a few minutes more than your regular activities. Find out what you need to do to keep your windows looking and functioning like new by using this tutorial.

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1. Give the window tracks a cleaning and lube

Dust and dead insects are drawn to the tracks on windows. Your tracks are certainly asking to be cleared out if you’re having problems opening or closing windows. Fortunately, not much is needed to get them back to how they were. Actually, a bottle of vinegar and a few Q-tips will accomplish the cleaning of your windows. To minimize the accumulation of debris, this type of window care only needs to be done once every two to three months.

After completing all of that, if your window is still getting stuck, the tracks most likely need some lubrication. Make sure everything functions properly by wiping them down with a silicone-based lubricant after cleaning. Steer clear of using products like WD-40 as they can deteriorate the tracks, causing the material to become gummed up and causing more serious problems.

It could be time to hire a local window repair firm if following these instructions doesn’t solve your problem.

2. Consistently Clean Window Glass

One easy approach to cut down on the amount of condensation that forms on glass and the amount of moisture that enters your home overall is to clean your window panes on a regular basis. To finish the job, use a microfiber cloth and a mild glass cleaner; anything abrasive, such as the rough side of a sponge or steel wool, can eventually cause the panes to break.

Approximately once a week, give the window glass an internal cleaning. However, it’s not necessary to clean the outside as frequently. It should be sufficient to wipe it off about once a month, though this may change if you reside in an area that experiences frequent harsh weather.

3. Keep an eye out for fractures

It may be time to investigate more if, after routine window care, you’re still finding unusually high levels of moisture in your house. This kind of issue can be caused by cracks in the wood, glass, or sealing, but most people can easily fix these on their own.

You may quickly mend a cracked window glass by utilizing a repair kit and carefully following the directions. It also takes little time to fix cracked window sealing if you have a caulk gun and some patience.

4. Fix damaged windows right away

The longer window damage remains unfixed, the worse it may get. To save even more time and effort later on, fix any problems you find as soon as you see them, whether it’s a filthy track or a crack in the sealing. You will be able to avert larger problems for longer if you address minor ones promptly.

5. If wooden frames begin to chip, repaint them.

Applying a new coat of paint to your wooden window frames on a regular basis can keep them looking good and functional. Paint keeps moisture out of the wood and provides protection from the outdoors.

At the first sign of chipping in the wooden window frame, grab a paint can and give it a go. Try painting or sealing the wood before it is subjected to outside influences.